Mossberg M590 Shockwave Review

In the typical home, entering doorways (a.k.a. “fatal funnels”) and “slicing the pie” with a 24" to 28"-barreled shotgun reduces maneuverability, escalates exposure and, at corners, increases the likelihood of the barrel being seized by an intruder. With its M590 Shockwave, Mossberg offers a unique solution to these shortcomings by minimizing both...

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Sig Sauer Legion Series

We have these in stock. Sig Sauer Legion Series. Check out the video for more information.
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Pennsylvania: Second Amendment Action Day Scheduled for May 24!

On Tuesday, May 24, at 10:00 a.m., Second Amendment supporters, state lawmakers and pro-gun organizations will gathering once again for the Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg.  Please join fellow NRA members, gun owners and state lawmakers to rally against the malicious attacks on the Second Amendment...
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Just in: S&W Engraved 1911 .45acp

Just came in: S&W Model SW1911 Engraved . 45 ACP 4.25 Inch Stainless Steel Barrel Engraved Slide Glass Bead Finish   [full_width]20160511_141658 20160511_141641 20160511_141631[/full_width] Full size; single action only. Extended beavertail grip. Stainless steel frame...
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Dear Hillary: We’ll Keep Our “Gun Culture,” Thank You

At a campaign stop in Hartford, Conn., late last month, Democratic presidential front-runner ratcheted up her hateful rhetoric toward law-abiding American gun owners. Yes, you read that right—once again she was ignoring violent criminals involved in murder and mayhem on our streets, while targeting those who own and regularly use firearms for a variety of...
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