Great knowledge and service from the team! I have purchased several guns now from them and will continue to purchase in the future.

Lauren Corey, Valued Customer

I was in the shop for the 1st time 2 weeks ago, nice size shop, very bright inside you don’t feel like your in a dungeon, like some other shops, I will return to this shop even though its over on the west shore. So far friendly atmosphere have not tried to buy or trade and that is where the customer service counts ….hopefully soon I might do a trade.

Vincent Gambone, Valued Customer

What a wonderful addition to the Carlisle Pike! SPAR Firearms gun shop is simply the best gun store.  Close to home, friendly customer service and right next door to one of our favorite restaurants, Black n Bleu. Nothing like some good eats after purchasing our newest home protection piece.

The Sultzabergers, Valued Customer

Don & Co.  Just wanted to let you know I took Lady Blue ( Kimber Sapphire) out Friday for the first to break her it.  First magazine all shots grouped center circle…most accurate pistol on first round I’ve ever bought…can’t just be my aim LOL.  Thanks so much for getting it in for me.  Can’t wait to get my Crimson Pro II as well.  Keep an eye on Kimber custom products for me.  Let them know I’m waiting to see a gold edition, black and gold limited edition 1911 one of these days as well!  Please give me a call when you get more LR 22s in either standard or High velocity, thanks much!!!  See you soon.  PS do you sell gun safes?

Ann, Valued Customer