Sales Policy

Once you purchase a firearm, it becomes your property, so please be sure you are buying what you need and want!

If you are denied the purchase of a firearm or cancel the sale there is a charge of $30.00.

If you are not legally allowed to possess a firearm we WILL NOT sell you a firearm.

If you are not sure what qualifies/disqualifies you to purchase, please come in and we will help you figure it out.

Qualifications-Handgun. Pennsylvania Residents. Valid Pa. Driver’s license, with matching address where you live. Must be 21 years of age. Carry permit if you have one. Be able to pass a back ground check, which we provide during the purchasing process.

Long Gun-Valid Pa. Driver’s License, matching address where you live. Be able to possess the rifle/shotgun. Must be 18 years of age.  Pass a back ground check.

We currently will not sell directly to out of State residents, but will ship to out of State FFL’s. The gun must be legal in the FFL’s State.

Disqualifications- Any Felony. Misdemeanor Domestic Violence. Any Misdemeanor where a Judge could sentence you to more than a year in jail even if you received probation.

Remember it is better to ask up front, because if you fill out the form to purchase a firearm (ATF form 4473) and you make any false statements on the form, you are by definition committing a felony. Any false statements that are made on the form we are obligated by law to report to the local police and the ATF. Please do not risk it.

Transfer of firearms- If you purchased a firearm from another dealer out of state and need to have it transferred to you. We can help and we charge a nominal fee of $25 per long gun transfer. $30 per Hand gun Transfer. Background checks are non-refundable.

Special orders- Require a 50% deposit in advance at the time the order is placed. No returns or refunds of special orders.

Please be aware. When purchasing a gun it is similar to buying a car. Once purchased and the background check is done at the time of the sale and the transaction is complete the gun is now considered used. There are no full refunds. We always will consider buying the gun or item back but as a rule we allow 20%-30% below our wholesale cost. So ask us all the questions up front and know what you are buying.