Why choose SPAR Firearms



Mechanicsburg, Pa needed a local Gun Shop with regular hours, great selection, and friendly staff.  Opening SPAR Firearms made perfect sense.

S=Sports  P=Protection  and  R=Recreational

SPAR Firearms opened to provide top quality customer service in every aspect of the firearms transaction. We purchase, trade for, and consign used Firearms of all ages and conditions.



SPAR carries an array of brands such as Colt, Glock, Remington, Springfield, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Winchester, Kel-Tec, Marlin, Savage, Browning, H&K, Kimber and many more trending guns.

SPAR Firearms buys and sells firearms of all types. Whether you are an avid collector, sharp shooting expert, hunter or weekend enthusiasts, visit SPAR and get an up close and personal view of your next acquisition.


Customer Service

The Staff is committed to providing clients with exceptional customer service throughout the entire transaction and beyond.

SPAR believes it is a Dealer’s responsibility to keep ammunition on hand for their firearm purchasers. We will not sell you the Firearm and then make you chase or overpay for ammunition. There will always be something held back for our Clientele.


Our staff

  • Frank Grant

    Frank Grant is ready to assist you with all of…

  • Tom Spotts

    Tom Spotts owned Spott's Gun Shop in Dillsburg from 1950…

  • Tanner Brown

    NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Gunsmith and Sales Associate at SPAR…

  • Kyle Leister

    Manager at SPAR Firearms, Mechanicsburg, PA. SIG SAUER ACADEMY -…